taxation casey kavanagh and company


We provide a comprehensive range of taxation services and advice to individuals, small enterprises and limited companies. 

Our firm has over 25 years experience in dealing with all areas of taxation including income tax, capital gains tax, capital acquisitions tax, corporation tax, VAT, PAYE/PRSI and relevant contracts tax. 

Tax Compliance

We ensure as far as is possible, that our clients remain fully tax compliant and up to date with their tax returns, thereby avoiding the severe interest penalties and surcharges which the Irish Revenue now apply in cases of non-compliance. 

Revenue Audits

We are mindful of the stress that Revenue Audits can cause to clients and we try to be particularly supportive during these events. 

  • We carry out a review of your records and tax returns prior to the audit and try to anticipate potential problem areas. 
  • We deal with the Tax Inspector throughout the audit. 
  • We negotiate with the Inspector to achieve the most favourable outcome possible for the client.

Retirement and Succession Planning

  • Advising on the importance of pension contributions for tax planning purposes and for retirement planning. 
  • Utilising the various tax reliefs and thresholds on the disposal or acquisition of property and other assets.